Our Tragic Ends

A collection of short stories by Tash Curry.

My dear reader, I am so sorry for what you are about to read. These are not pleasant stories filled with happiness nor hope. They are ones of tragic ends. You weren’t supposed to end up like all the others, you weren’t supposed to be another story to tell. You were meant to be this everlasting love, an epic love story, one without a tragic end.


Maybe someday we can rewrite our story. Maybe in that story we don’t hurt each other, like we did in this one. Maybe we are just in love and happy the way it should be.

Or maybe not.

Maybe we just have to move on. Maybe someday we will just become a memory that happened long ago. Maybe we won’t remember the time that we had or the love that we shared. Maybe I will forget your smile, your lips and the person I was so in love with.

Maybe somewhere I deserve you and you deserve me, and we get the ending that we should have. We just met in the wrong universe. That’s all. I have to believe that, that maybe someday we will meet again when the timing is right and there is nothing holding us back.

Maybe. Just maybe.

Must it be a tragedy, they way I loved you.

The way you loved me, with hopes of maybes
and might-have-beens.

Maybe someday, our story will be more than a tragedy.
Maybe one day we will find our way back to each other.
But maybe, someday, one day, somewhere
we’ll have the ending that we should’ve had.

You were the chapter of my life when I was good.
You were the love of my life, and I loved you.
For you my dear are my greatest of poems,
that way our love may never die.

The way I would turned us into poetry not a tragedy.

Let me tell you the story of a boy who loved a girl, of how he loved her and how she loved him more than anything, but the gods, history and the universe did not adore them like they loved each other. Promise me one day we will meet again, that this isn’t the end, that this won’t ruin us and be our undoing I asked. As she kissed me we swore to the gods that they wouldn’t break us, that in the history books we would be remembered as the star crossed lovers without the tragedy. But our story wasn’t a happy one just like the fates predicted; our love was beautiful and tragic all at once. I handed her my once beating heart which I handed to her willingly, she was my life. Take care of that my love I told her for I wouldn’t need it. That in this story I would not let her become a tragedy. But history did not care for star crossed lovers. We knew happiness, we were just not lucky. Tragedy ran through our blood deep into the soul.

Darling I love you. I always will but history was not kind to us.