Over the past 5 months I, design company Plump and a group of students have been working together to create this year’s edition of Neutral Magazine.  As a graduate of Film and Media from York St. John, I have been lucky enough to come back as an intern and work towards this final goal.

This year has been the most successful yet, with an incredible amount of interest than previous years from students, ranging from various programmes across the university.  The writers include undergraduates still studying at York St. John, as well as alumni who used to study at the University.

Additionally, the theme for this year’s edition was a careful process which started as an idea and eventually evolved into what you see today.  The students and I had a number of meetings to work out what they wanted to portray, and we finally decided on ‘nature and technology’.  The premise behind this theme of the ‘bio-technical’ extended from the concept that society has had to adapt to the ever expanding evolution of technology in people’s everyday lives.  As a result, modern civilisation has had to evolve and balance between the natural world and the new world of technology, which can be seen through the imagery of this year’s Neutral Magazine.

My experience as an intern for the last 5 months have been a great experience, and has allowed me to learn many things along the way.  Working with an outside design company has enabled me to evolve my communication skills and work with companies away from the University.  Also, it has given me great confidence to work with a range of people, from undergraduates to international students.  I also have been overwhelmed with the amazing range of topics the students have given me to publish in this magazine, and I have enjoyed reading every single one and getting an insight into what interests other people.

Overall this year’s Neutral Magazine has been a combination of hard work from not only myself, but my head of programme Keith McDonald, design company Plump and the students and alumni of York St. John for contributing their articles.  We all hope you enjoy this year’s edition as much as we have enjoyed creating it.